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Largest Whiskey bar in the country.

110 people

Punk/80's Night

Punk Pop Rock hljómsveitin Killer Girls mætir á Dillon með stæla og ætla að rokka efri hæðina af húsinu. Killer Girls hefur slegið í gegn og spila ekki fyrir öðru en fullu húsi. Þeir lifa hratt svo þeir munu deyja ungir, sjáið þá núna áður en það verður of seint!

Iceland’s finest Punk Pop Rock band, Killer Girls will hit the stage at Dillon with attitude and rock the second floor right off the building. Killer Girls have been a hit so far and are not used to anything other than playing for a full house.
They’re living fast so they’ll die young, see them now before it’s too late

The Retro Mutants have one goal and that is to make your ears feel good so your soul can shine. We try our best to take you with us back in time to the sweet and colorful 1980s . our sound should make you feel fantastic and unstoppable. if its not working than you need to knock on our door and tell us what you think so the bus will not go off the cliff.

Showið byrjar kl 22:00!
Frítt inn!

Show starts at 22:00!
Free admission!

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Happy hour - Dillon

16:00 - 20:00

Happy hour between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm every day.

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