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Major Pink, Seint & Mighty Bear á Húrra

1000 ISK

Mighty Bear - has slowly been crawling out of the shadows with eerie sounds and visuals. The haunting and stunning performances have been making an impact on the Icelandic live music scene as well as the drag scene. Mighty Bear blends queer and drag visuals with a unique blend of indie and electronic music.
With two singles that have gained attention online and on the Icelandic radio waves, Mighty Bear is an upcoming artist worth a look. Truly an experience both for the eyes and ears.

SEINT - is the first musical act of it’s kind in a self created genre called ‘’Post Pop’’ or ‘’Post apocalyptic pop music’’. The project was created as an opposite answer to pop music of the modern age. Heavy beats with dreamy yet gritty sound blend with auto tune vocal melodies define the feeling of this experience. ‘’The end of the world is near. And it sound’s pretty good’’ -SEINT

Major Pink - is a man who forms a band which he gracefully named Major Pink and his Dysfunctionals.
Join Major Pink on his misadventures and dive deep into his troubled mind as he slowly, but surely, looses it.
After teaming up with master producer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang, Starwalker), back in 2014, they set off on a brilliant magical mystery tour to complete their debut album which is expected sometime in the year 2017.

Other events

Daður, dónalegt og lífsins lystisemdir: Pub quiz á Húrra

Margrét Erla Maack stjórnar gúmmulegu pöbbkvissi þar sem lúxusinn verður í fyrirrúmi, með fyrirvara um dýraspurningar. Tveir saman í liði. Veglegir vinningar.

Dance With The Dead (USA) á Húrra

Dance With The Dead is a band consisted of two very close friends, Justin Pointer and Tony Kim, from California, USA. The band is known for their love to 70’s and 80’s sci-fi horror music, which is reflected in their tracks.

Their debut album “Out Of Body” was released in 2013, heavily inspired by synthesizer sounds and dance music.

Their latest album “B Sides: Volume 1” is influenced mostly by rock, metal and cyberpunk futurism.

Their live shows are accompanied by live guitar playing by Tony, which gives them even more power.

A gem in dark synthwave genre.


Valdimar á Húrra

Hljómsveitin Valdimar spilar á Húrra 25. ágúst 2017. Hús opnar kl 21 og tónleikarnir hefjast um kl. 22.
Miðaverð: 2.500 kr.

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