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Happy Hour

American Bar

16:00 - 19:00


16:00 - 19:00

Den Danske Kro

16:00 - 19:00

Cafe Haíti

16:00 - 19:00

Bjarni Fel

21:00 - 23:00

Kaldi Bar

16:00 - 19:00


16:00 - 20:00


16:00 - 20:00


16:00 - 20:00


16:00 - 20:00


15:00 - 18:00


20:00 - 00:00

Introduction to Reykjavik nightlife
9,900 ISK

Visiting Iceland for the first time?

A tour guide will drive you for 30 - 60 minutes around Reykjavik and give you a good idea of the main clubs/bars and what they have to offer.

After the tour you should be ready for the nightlife and know where to go.

1 hour
for people
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Nightlife guide
12,500 ISK per person

Are you looking for a relaxing time, a lot of fun or a concert?

Our experienced guides will show you all the best that the nightlife in Reykjavík has to offer with a 2-4 hour night out.

2-4 hours
for people
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Viking Pub Crawl
15,000 ISK per person

Sign up and a tour guide will take you with a 5-10 people group on a Viking themed pub crawl.

Beertasting, a shot of “Brennivin”, a coctail and a taste of traditional rotten shark or dried fish is included.

Meet fellow travellers from all over the world.

3 hours
for people
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Tailor made custom experience / Bottle service

Contact us and we will put together the perfect experience that suits your group.

We have the local knowledge and resources to make your experience unforgettable.

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Upcoming events

Buffy & Angel: B7-16 & B7-17

Well be joined once again for the seriously campy series!
7th series of Buffy & also the 4rd series of Angel.

Bring your friends and slay hard!

Happy hour till 21:00
Free entrance
Subtitles in english.

Stay till the Karaoke Extravaganza, but it kicks off at 21:00

Bubbi Morthens á Dillon

Bubbi Morthens mun koma og spila næst á Dillon þann 26. september.

Húsið opnar kl 17

Tónleikarnir eru partur af röð tónleika sem hann tekur hjá okkur. Næstu tónleikar eru:

  1. september

  2. október

  3. nóvember

Frítt er á tónleikana en við erum með örfá sæti sem hægt er að kaupa til að taka frá og er miðaverð 3500 kr., með hverjum miða fylgir drykkur á barnum.. Miðasala á tix.is tix.is

Söngvaskáldakvöld // Singer-songwriter jam @Dillon

English below
Söngvaskáldakvöld // Songwritersjam:

Annan hvern þriðjudag eru söngvaskáldakvöld haldin hátíðleg á Dillon við hóflega viðhöfn. Ef þú ert söngvaskáld/tónlistarmaður og semur gott stöff og vilt koma fram á næsta kvöldi hafðu samband við Hrafnkel Má Einarsson í síma 846-0987 eða sendu honum línu á facebook eða á emailinu hrafnkelleinarsson@gmail.com.

Þriðjudagur 26.sept:

Frank & Leo

María Viktoría plays bittersweet folk music; a mix of joyous melodies yet melancholic lyrics. Her songs are drawn from her experiences of sorrow, dreams, loneliness, journeys in the greater aspect, and last but not least: adventures of the singing songwriter.

Atli Steinn Hrafnkelsson

Will play a few songs with his band members Phil and Sebastíen. soundcloud.com

Every other Tuesday is a singer-songwriter jam at Dillon Whiskey Bar
Starts at 9:00 PM.
Free entrance.
If you´re a musician and you write good stuff and want to perform please contact Hrafnkell Már Einarsson via facebook or email: hrafnkelleinarsson@gmail.com.

Tuesday 26th September:

Frank & Leo
María Viktoría Einarsdóttir
Atli Steinn Hrafnkelsson

Thousand Years of Silence

“Did you know that silence is an genetically inheritable trait? It’s just like looking down the garden-hose and see the spiral… and then everything becomes so…one simply becomes a…it’s just like climbing a mountain. You see the low shrubs and the moss and the rocks, and the rock always outlives the man…”

In “Thousand Years of Silence” the artists Hilmir Jensson, Karl Ágúst Þorbergsson, Kolbeinn
Arnbjörnsson and Tryggvi Gunnarsson examine both the various forms of the Icelandic silence, as well as the impact it has on the personal and national identity.

Why do we we flee into the embrace of silence instead of dealing with hard emotions and difficult issues? Why is it that we seem to think we can simply go through a whole lifetime of silence? Is it possible we simply inherent this silence and suppressed frustrations of our ancestors, without having a say on it?

In today’s society where personal confessions and bare emotions flood the social media we ask if we have found the solution to our social-mental issues or if it’s perhaps better just to keep it to oneself.
Can silence be good? Do we perhaps have to plow through it, through the inner highland snowstorm to reach our true self? Or is that just nonsense?

Thousand Years of Silence was nominated for the Icelandic theatre awards in 2016-17.

Please note that there are no vikings or puffins in this show. Only real Icelandic people doing real Icelandic art. You will not learn how to become an Icelander or learn about the Sagas, but you will see true local art about true local issues, both critically acclaimed as well as publicly.

“The artists open up a space for interpretation, making the piece do much denser so it leaves something very deep behind.”
The piece is both sensitive and beautiful, and Honorary Nation has yet again shown us how fare they dare to go mixing experimental theatre and clear content without the result being encrypted in any way.”

-Guðrún Baldursdóttir - Vísjá/National Radio

“The simple conclusion is that by making Thousand Years of Silence the theatre group Honorary Nation has thoroughly established itself as the leading force in Icelandic contemporary theatre.”

-Sigríður Jónsdóttir - Fréttablaðið

Illvibe (Canada) og Seint á Gauknum 27.Sept!

iLLvibe er upprennandi rapp stjarna frá Toronto, Canada.
Búinn að vera tilnefndur til fjölda verðlauna og er á á blússandi siglingu. Hann er á stuttu tónleika ferðalagi og ætlar að koma við á Gauknum og spýta rímur ofan í okkur.
Það má enginn sannur rapp/hiphop tónlistarunnandi láta þetta framhjá sér fara.

Honum til halds og trausts verður post pop prinsinn SEINT.
Tilfinningaþrungið framtíðar popp fyrir draumkenndar sálir.

Miðasala hefst kl. 21:00
Fyrsta band á svið kl.22:00
Aðgangseyrir 1000 kr


  • Runner up to Drake for Toronto Rap Artist of the Year
  • Performer @ Fresh Island Fest in Croatia w/ Wiz Khalifa, DJ Premier, Chris Brown and more.
  • Winner of Canadian hit TV show “Canada’s Smartest Person”
  • More than 100 tour dates in 2016 including 50 date USA tour and dozens of tour dates around Europe.
  • 1 Charting album on Canadian radio “Firebreather”

  • 1.7 Million streams on “Withoutchya” w/ Dre Pao
  • Verified on Twitter & Instagram

Bíógrafía á ensku:
iLLvibe is a Canadian Hip Hop artist based out of Toronto, Canada. Born originally in Toronto and having spent some time living in Barrie, ON as well as abroad. In addition to music, illy is passionate about film, photography and design and spends much of his time creating content for other artists and musicians. (Check out LyricVids.com!)
iLLvibe is making a lot of noise in 2017 & 2018 - Having won the season premier of the Hit Television show Canada’s Smartest Person on CBC, complete with 2 performance on the show as well as being named runner up to DRAKE for Toronto Rapper of the Year by NOW Magazine and 200,000 voters. Winner of several Canadian Awards & Main stage performer @ 2016’s “Fresh Island Fest” in Croatia alongside Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa. ‍‍‍
Supporters of illy know him largely for his social media presence, full of passion and jokes – connect with him via facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat or however you like to interact with cool rapper types

Teitur Magnússon & Indriði

Teitur Magnússon og Indriði koma fram ásamt hljómsveitum, saman og sitt í hvoru lagi, á Húrra fimmtudagskvöldið 28. september 2017.

Hús opnar kl 20, dagskrá hefst kl 21 og aðgangseyrir er 2.000 kr.

Teitur Magnússon


Teitur Magnússon & Indriði will play with their bands, separately and together at Húrra on september 28th. Doors at 8 pm, show starts at 9 pm. 2000 ISK

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Repeating events

Live Music/Lifandi Tónlist


Live Music Every Thursday Night! Starts at 10:00 pm.


20:00 - 03:00

Karaoke every friday and saturday night from 8:00 pm - 3:00 am.

COME TALK FUNNY - EnglishOpenMic @Gaukurinn!

Do you speak English? Well, so don’t we!

The Goldengang presents!
OpenMicNight in English ONLY at Gaukurinn every monday night!

All comedy welcome!

Sign-Up at: gullgengid@gmail.com or here on Facebook!

Happy Hour from 7pm - 10pm

  • Ice cold Thule 500kr
  • Glass of delicious wine 700
  • Shot of the day 500kr! (Ooh, a mystery!)
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